Getting the best results from your recruitment agency

When you’re looking for your next position or step up the career ladder, it makes sense to get some professional guidance and support to accelerate the process. But while a recruitment agency’s job is to find you your next job, you also need to be an active participant if you want to get the very best results.

Our extensive experience of working with candidates in the accountancy, office support, HR, marketing and purchasing sectors has given us in-depth insight into the approach needed to maximise the benefits we can offer to help you achieve your career goals.

The 5 Rs of recruitment

Here are the 5 golden rules to remember when engaging with a recruitment agency if you want to get the very best results...

  1. Research before you register – before you decide who you want to work with in your search for a new position, do your ‘due diligence’. This enables you to narrow down the most suitable agencies e.g. those that specialise in your field, rather than being inundated with generic vacancies that are of no interest or value to you.
  2. Relationships – good recruitment is a two-way street, so we take time to meet you face-to-face and nurture a good relationship with you. An initial meeting will help them to get a better understanding of your skills, experience, personality and future goals, while also providing you with an opportunity to learn more about any companies or positions we’re considering as a ‘good fit’ for you.
  3. Be Realistic – while you may have your ideal job in mind, you need to be realistic in terms of your experience, skill set, expected remuneration package and overall market conditions. If your job search is urgent, you may need to make compromises.
  4. Resist – on the other hand, you also need to ensure you’re not being forced down a career path that doesn’t feel right for you. A good recruitment agency will listen to you and have your best interests at heart, whereas some more unscrupulous agencies may be more focused on simply earning their commission than looking at the bigger picture in terms of your ambitions. Our great reputation with our clients is built on us only sending them details of people suitable for the job they want to fill and who are likely to stay. Finding the perfect person keeps everyone happy, but it takes work.
  5. Reliability – always be 100% honest with your recruitment consultant, and always be reliable. If you don’t feel an interview we’ve lined up for you is the right move, tell us rather than just failing to show up. Return calls as quickly as you can and respond to any requests for feedback. This nurtures a sense of trust and confidence – and remember that an opportunity can quickly be lost if you fail to be proactive and communicative.

A lot of this advice might seem like common sense, but job hunting can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t have much experience in working with recruiters. Before you start any new job search, remember these essential tips to ensure you get the best experience possible from your recruitment relationships.

Recommend a Friend

If you recommend a friend who is looking for a new job and we successfully place them in a permanent position, Bagnall Hopkins will give you £100 worth of vouchers as a thank you.