Body Language In Your Next Interview

Positive Body Language and why you should be thinking about it in your next interview

Job interviews are never just about what we say, sometimes it’s how we conduct our non-verbal signals that can make or break your success in an interview.

Consider these tips before your next interview and make a good impression without uttering a single word!

Eye Contact – Maintain eye contact for most of the time, you can of course look away, perhaps to take notes but regain eye contact, it shows you are engaged and connected. Looking distracted, looking down at your hands or out the window can convey a lack of self confidence or even make you seem untrustworthy.

Sit Up Straight – Sitting up straight demonstrates you are engaged, attentive, interested. Slouching gives off the exact opposite and careful not to fold your arms as this may make you appear defensive.

Smile – A warm genuine smile makes everyone feel comfortable.

Firm Handshake – Not limp, not bone crushing – somewhere in between is acceptable

Maintain Focus - If you are being interviewed by more than one person, shift your eye contact to whoever is talking and avoid looking around the room

Do Not Chew Gum– needs no further explanation

Recommend a Friend

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