There are many reasons why you should ask for a pay rise for example;

  • You’ve undertaken further training/qualifications in your role.
  • Your role has expanded and you have taken on more responsibility.
  • You have consistency met deadlines, shown initiative and exceeded expectations.
  • You believe that your salary should reflect the industry average.

Asking for a pay rise might feel daunting task so here are some points to think about;

  • Consider timing and find an opportune moment you can schedule a meeting "I was wondering if I could discuss something with you, when do you have some time free?”
  • Have a face to face meeting rather than discussing over email.
  • Prepare your script and research is key for a successful outcome. The end goal is to get the pay increase however you’ll need to provide evidence of your achievements, how your role has changed or additional responsibilities you have taken on, this will hold weight. Practice what you are going to say and have in mind an increase that you would be happy to accept.
  • Keep the meeting on a positive note
  • Prepare to answer some tricky questions and give concise answers.
  • Unless your manager has full control of the budget it’s unlikely you’ll get an answer straight away however ask for timescale when you can expect to hear back.
  • It may go your way and you'll get the increase, or you may need to negotiate and meet them half way. If you are not be successful you might need to think whether to stay or move on.

Recommend a Friend

If you recommend a friend who is looking for a new job and we successfully place them in a permanent position, Bagnall Hopkins will give you £100 worth of vouchers as a thank you.